Bonifato Forest

Located just 20 km from Calvi, the Bonifato forest is above all a haven of peace where you can walk the path that runs along the Figarella river. You will be able to appreciate in particular the natural swimming pools that delight young and old. If you are followers of outdoor sports and extreme activity, Bonifato is waiting for you! High place for hiking, fishing and climbing in Balagne. As for those who wish to surpass themselves or even surpass themselves, on their way to the famous GR20.

Dare the GR20

Calenzana, the gateway to the GR20, is located 13 km from Calvi.

The legendary alpine hiking trail crosses Corsica from Calenzana to Conca, is one of the most difficult trails in Europe but also one of the most beautiful with steep elevations and technical passages.

The GR20 is a very sporty route, practicable from June to mid-October and reserved for experienced hikers, in very good physical condition.

Scuba diving

Calvi bay is home to 2 remarkable diving spots : La Revellata and the Bombardier B-17 wreck.

Cap de la Revellata is an exceptional marine site due to its isolation and preservation. The waters of Calvi bay abound with life because all the underwater fauna of the Mediterranean is found there such as amberjacks, pelamids, sea turtules, groupers and corals…

The seabed is home to the remains of an American B-17 Bombardier. Stranded since February 14, 1944 following a hunter attack, this plane used during the Second World War is today the subject of a very popular diving spot. The shallow depth allows you to stay underwater for a long time to carefully inspect the wreck. Moray eels, eels and other fish have even made their home there!

Boat trip

Discover extraordinary walks, starting with a visit to Scandola, a nature reserve listed as World Heritage by Unesco, the Gulf of Girolata, only accessible by sea, the Calanques of Piana, with their cliffs of red rocks or the Agriates desert with the beaches of Lotu, Saleccia and Ghinu.


Polyphonic songs Corsica

Experience an unforgettable and authentic journey through voices that will transport you to the heart of Corsican polyphony. The hand enclosing the ear, the united bodies, listen to the traditional song on a village square or in a Corsican Church.